How do I search for chapters?
  • To find a single chapter, search that number, e.g. 1.0 takes you to Book 1, Chapter 0.
  • To find multiple concurrent chapters, use a dash, e.g. 1.29-31 gives you all the chapters between Book 1 Chapter 29 and Book 1 Chapter 31.
  • To make multiple chapter queries at once, put a comma in between each, e.g. 1.71, 9.122 gives you Book 1 Chapter 71 and Book 9 Chapter 122.
How do I search for books?
  • To find a single book, search its number, e.g. 1 returns all of Book 1.
How do I search for Greek words?
  • Transliterate the Greek word into the Latin alphabet, then search greek=[your_word]. For example, greek="nemesis" returns Book 1, Chapter 34. (νέμεσις is a hapax legomenon in Herodotus.)
  • Alternatively, you can copy/paste the Greek itself, even without accents. For example, greek="βάρβαρος" returns all the chapters with βάρβαρος (barbaros, meaning "barbarian") in them.
How do I search semantically?
  • Just type in your query. For example, "mad king of Persia" will return the most similar chapters, in terms of meaning, to the idea of "mad king of Persia".
How do I get the AI system to tell me what a word means?
  • Just click on a Greek word and wait a few seconds. A language model will parse the Greek for you, telling you how it would be spelt in English, the part of speech it is, its meaning, and its dictionary form. Try it out!
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